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Form concepts

Method Description: The expert prepares cards / picture cards in front (apples, pears ...) and an image to the preamble "fruit". ETC. The kids ask each other whether an object to a category fits and why. For children can develop this further, which (not existing) objects could still belong to a conceptual
Inclusion Goal: Find (upper) concepts (and thus to form categories) based on identifying what are the main characteristics of a concept. This means that if objects are assigned as concepts, should evaluate ensured that also describes WHY heard an object to a category. Here all children can help each other.
Challenges: The forming of concepts or categories, for some children (especially with Lernschwieirigkeiten) represent quite a challenge. The aim is (upper) terms, together to learn in the group, which also have different levels of difficulty are possible.
Success Indicators: Successful exercise is when all children are involved in the process of conceptualization and depending Skills Items assign (top) understood
Keywords: card concepts