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Pass the box/bag

Method Description: Fill the box/bag with objects in order for the learners to take out an object and show or describe what the object is and what it is used for. The learner can be asked to avoid looking in the bag when they choose, so they then have to use their sense of touch to try and guess what the object may be. This activity should be played in a small group so the bag/box can be passed around a circle. This will encourage turn taking, social skills and listening skills. The activity can be easily differentiated for different age groups by asking the learners to use more descriptive language and use less familiar objects or, on the opposite scale, only use common objects for a younger group of learners and use music to turn the activity into a 'Pass the parcel' party game (pass object around circle when music is playing, the learner who is holding the object when the music stops takes their turn). This activity can also be adapted to support classroom topics or themes i.e Transport, stories etc.
Inclusion Goal: Use of descriptive language Using senses to explore To encourage independent turn taking To improve listening skills To improve fine motor skills Working as a group
Challenges: The learners need to be able to sit and be able to follow simple verbal instruction
Success Indicators: To identify the object To be able to use describing words Follow instructions Listen to other learners
Keywords: Descriptive language Turn taking Social and listening skills