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Invent a story together

Method Description: Activity: The expert explains it will be to work together to invent a meaningful story. Initially, the main characters are here discussed together with the children. Then there is (in turn) or at random is the duty of every child to contribute a "set" to this story. This "set" (it may be several) can linguistically be expressed by pantomime or other aids. At the end of the shared history of the professional (or other children) may be repeated once or as retold
Inclusion Goal: The aim of this method is to involve all children in a common creative process of (meaningful) history. For children, for example, who do not have expressive language or immigrant background hardly know the language of the recording, be sometimes difficult.
Challenges: To offer different display options for stories / narratives for all children
Success Indicators: Successful is to "invent stories" when every child, regardless of his language skills sinvolle parts can contribute to the common history.