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My "What am I good at?" book

Method Description: For all professionals A school class will be informed in relation to this project and calls on the respective lessons. Each child / youth prepares a "what-can-I-do" book. All other children are invited / encouraged to register positive feedback about.
Inclusion Goal: Inclusive goal of this exercise is that every child from other children receives feedback on its strengths. This feedback can be verbal, or any signs or symbols.
Challenges: Especially children with disabilities show in inclusive settings (especially in secondary education) sometimes difficulties in the direction of self-worth, as they (social comparison) might feel that others (typically developed) children are better than themselves. By whatever the academic performance of each child are another feedback about his / her strengths, feelings of inferiority can be avoided.
Success Indicators: Successfully this method is if every child / each young person of any of his classmates a positive feedback gets in his "book".
Keywords: What am I good at book