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Where do you belong?

Method Description: The whole group playing together, the youngest player starts. - By relocating the child with the shortest hair begins. - In groups: boys and girls. - In groups: Mag fish, fish do not like. - In groups: by hair or eye color. - In groups: by year of birth. Variations: - If you want, can form two teams, which will start a contest. - The game rules can be tightened up: The game starts again as soon as the ball falls to the ground. - Instead of over the head and between the legs of the ball can be passed alternately left and right.
Inclusion Goal: The group has a common goal in this game, and all are involved in the implementation. To ensure that all children in the group are able to perform the required movements, the rules can be modified easily accordingly.
Challenges: The children learn in this game 'change' the order of the children in each instruction. There are always other children at the front of the row.
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Keywords: Where do you belong?