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Who is missing?

Method Description: A child waits outside the door. The group sits in a circle of chairs and looking out a child that is hidden under a blanket in the middle of the circle. The waiting child is called in, looks around in the round and advises that child is missing. If the child has difficulties, they can be helped: - The child under the ceiling says "beep". - The child under the blanket stretched out a leg or an arm. - It is recommended the first letter of the first name. - Further information will be given, for example: "It is the friend of Max."
Inclusion Goal: This game can be played with variations in each group. Adapted to the child with a disability, different solutions can be used. Instead of recognizing the voice of the missing child, it can be felt, for example. The other may give little hints negotiable. Especially beautiful and conducive to group solidarity it when things are mentioned that can particularly well the child under the ceiling or that distinguish it.
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Keywords: One has disappeared in this county