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Astronauts game

Method Description: The children form pairs. One of the two children is blindfolded and is an astronaut in space (starting line). The sighted child's ground staff and adjusts to the ground station (finish line). Across the way from the starting point and destination located on the ground distributed crumpled paper. These are meteorites. Now the seeing child (ground staff) has to pick up the object, the astronaut by shouting safely through space to the ground station. The meteorites should not be touched if possible. Variant for younger children: instead, either orally the sighted child can take the astronauts also by the hand and guide you through the universe without touching the meteorite.
Inclusion Goal: For children to learn and experience visual impairment in this game and to have confidence and to take responsibility for each other.
Challenges: Bumping into furniture - indoor/outdoor
Success Indicators:
Keywords: astronauts game