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Shoe salad

Method Description: A child waits outside the door, while the group sits in a circle of chairs and all the children take off both shoes. All shoes jumbled in the middle of the circle of chairs. Now the child is called back and it has the task assigned to the children the right pair of shoes. Completed only when all the shoes are distributed. Description: a laundry basket is provided and each child has to take off his shoes and lay there. It then continues in the circle of chairs. The match line brings the hamper and distributes its footwear collection in the middle of the circle of chairs from. The first child gets to choose a pair of shoes, of which it claims to know who it belongs to, and hands it to the appropriate child. Is it true that the child retains the footwear and may assign the next pair.
Inclusion Goal: Especially younger children like this game so much fun. In general, the children know surprisingly well, whom which pair belongs shoes. There are no special skills required. The less shoes are still in a circle, the easier the assignment. So can lead to a sense of achievement every child.
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