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Puzzles as a common activity

Method Description: A little girl with frequent cat cry syndrome basic school in his village and spent the afternoon off together with his comrades in an education and care service. One of the strengths of this girl is doing puzzles. She takes the initiative to meet some other children with her around a table and children gather together the puzzle, the little girl is very proud of its competence in this field. The supervisory staff shall ensure the provision of adequate puzzle skills of all group children to allow each child a little challenging but also successful.
Inclusion Goal: Allow a joint activity between a little girl with a rare chromosome disorder and his comrades while allowing success and development of skills of each child.
Challenges: The little girl with the cat's cry syndrome has difficulty concentrating more than a few minutes of activity. Thus, common in games with other children, most persevering, prove difficult. The puzzles, the girl loves to allow him a clear structure and promotes endurance and thereby a joint activity with other children.
Success Indicators: the child has fun to achieve the child interacts with other children in his group the child can make the experience of having success, and that success is recognized by other children
Keywords: chromosomal abnormality uncommon common activity puzzle for a successful experience