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Free craft activities for all

Method Description: A child with global developmental delay (in language, mental, and social behavior) is very creative tinkering art objects with the materials available. Professional prepares a table with craft materials such as: - the salt dough - different boxes empty cardboard (RECYCLING), coloured paper, wallpaper scraps - collected materials with children (leaves, small branches, snail shells, stones, ...) children interested in a craft activity can bring to the table and realize their creation. He is very proud to explain what he has created and how he did it. For feedback from other children, he receives positive reinforcement and an opportunity to show what he can do well.
Inclusion Goal: Allow a joint activity with other infants while providing opportunities to demonstrate skills.The children learn the infant with developmental delay has to allow the experience of getting to know the resources and strengths of each
Challenges: attention
Success Indicators: children have enjoyed making their creations, all children are proud of what they have done and the child with development delay who has participated and explains to others
Keywords: bricologe common, creative achievements, skills development