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Motor activities - Air tramp (trampoline)

Method Description: Once a week a group of 8 to 10 children supervised by two educators that motor activities on Air-tramp. The Air-tramp is a large air cushion (9x9x1m or greater) for educational activities, rehabilitation or treatment. educators framing the group of children have received special training in the use of this tool. The air-tramp allows motor activities and relaxation: jumping, moving, ball games, feel his body, relaxation, games between several children ....
Inclusion Goal: The group of children included one child with autism and a child having difficulties of attention deficit and hyperactivity. Children show a great need in motor activity and quickly excited by staying too long in one room or an activity to little movement. The Air-tramp allows them to move, to expend energy and to integrate into the group. It also allows alternating between motor activity and calmer activity, relaxation and demonstrate skills. Children are more calm and relaxed after an air-tramp activity they are open to other activities. Thus the child who has ADHD is much quieter and receptive after this activity, it can also more easily participate in other activities.
Challenges: To use the air-tramp, one must have the ability to move children group in the sports hall. It takes at least a person who has completed specific training. For children, it is a tool "without barriers", which can accommodate all levels of development
Success Indicators: children enjoy the activity the children, especially before having hyperactivity and motor restlessness; more peaceful and focused, muscle tone is more balanced relaxation
Keywords: Airtramp, motor activity, relaxation